Rainy Day Resort is a 24 hour homestead serving NE Portland neighborhoods with mid-week daycare & overnight stays with all transportation included.

We Provide the Ride!

All transport included. No more early drop off or tiresome pick up!

Constant Love

& supervision! Comfortable beds when your dogs want rest.

Attention & Interaction

from both dogs & humans.

Stay Updated

while you’re away with pics and video messages

Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas

Air conditioned/heated cabin & outdoor play area.


15-20 min consultation to determine your dogs temperament.



We’re making animal care easy on you & special for them. We are a full service business providing daycare, walks, overnight stays & ALL transport to and from your home. From a dog’s perspective, we feel a shorter time away from home is better for them. We are licensed for 10 dogs but stay around 60% capacity for safety.



Available:    M   T   W  & TH

We Pick Up

between 10-11am

Play, Chase, Nap

Cuddle & Repeat!

We Drop Off

between 3-4pm with clean paws & ready for a nap!



Air conditioned & heated indoor cabin

Comfortable dog beds & cushions

Puppy pools & misters for hot days

Shaded paver patio

Outdoor spacious play area

Durable toys

Grain free treats



F A L L   S A L E !


$32 Daycare Visits

20% off!


(No multiple weekly days needed for special pricing)

*Inquire for deals  & special offers 

** Multiple dog discounts available



We can stop by for a jaunt in your neighborhood!

We offer half visits for a short walk & potty break or a full visit for more substantial exercise.



Overnights are just like home with extra exercise, cuddles, rewards & play. Take comfort in knowing they’re being tended by me & our resident animals, Sophie  & Stash.  In addition to myself, my spouse also works from home providing extra love and care for your dog. Our companionship & exercise are a good substitute while you’re away. We will emulate your dog’s feeding routine providing a calm, supervised environment for nervous eaters. 


– T R A N S P O R T A T I O N –

One less thing to worry about before you travel! We provide all transportation for you. We’ll arrange a meet and greet before your trip to get familiar with you and your dog and get your itinerary. Say goodbye to your beloved animal in the comfort of your own home and we’ll pick them up after you depart. When you arrive back home, your dog will be waiting for you! We keep open lines of communication for unexpected changes that may occur during your travel.




Your dog has free roam of our home and the large, fully fenced backyard when they stay with us. Our home is smoke free and all furniture is pet friendly. They can sleep on couches, dog beds or human beds. We offer daily walks and exercise depending on your dog’s needs. 



Free introductory walk offered making sure your dog is social.



Our spacious facility is run by John, with the help of April Black. John started a small walking business, Rainy Day Walks in 2013. April Black, an illustration artist, loves a chance to tend them while working from home. Outside of this, John pursues music and rides bicycles with his spouse. Living in the NE made it easy to develop a small network of walkable dogs. It is important to John for the owners to know the people well that are caring for their dogs.